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Welcome to the Farm Cafe

Welcome to the Farm-Café in Denmark!

Here you will find lots of information about our café and the campsite.

Please take a look at our pages, we look forward to your next visit.

We would also be pleased to welcome you personally in our café.

Britta and Peter Thomas

Peter und Britta Thomas vom Farm Cafe in Houstrup Dänemark.

Our opening hours


Monday – Friday: 14:00 – 17:00


Saturday – Sunday: 14:00 – 17:00

Please note: We are closed from 26.10.2024 – 02.03.2025

The Farm Cafe

In our cozy café we offer you many different, homemade cake specialties, such as delicious blueberry pie, apple pie and many other delicacies. There is something for every taste.

We also offer delicious waffles and various types of ice cream.

To drink, we have various coffee specialties, as well as teas and of course soft drinks.

For our younger guests, there are playhouses in the café garden.

Farm Cafe Houstrup

A small overview of our home-baked cakes

Blueberry cake

Enjoy a fruity, fresh composition of melt-in-the-mouth cream cheese cream combined with delicately tart blueberries.

This homemade blueberry cake is our guests‘ favorite and will delight you too.

Hausgemachte Blaubeertorte Farm Cafe Houstrup
Hausgemachte Kirschtorte Farm Cafe Houstrup

Cherry cake

Like all our cakes and tarts, our cherry tart is also homemade.

Alongside our aforementioned blueberry tart, it is also a classic.

Homemade waffles with Farm Cafe ice cream

Here is a picture of our homemade waffles, as always with a large portion of Farm Cafe ice cream!

Hausgemachte Waffeln Farm Cafe Houstrup

Of course, there are also many other delicacies to try. The products shown here are our bestsellers and are particularly popular with our guests!

Our coffee

We get our delicious coffee from the Vollmer private roastery.

Take a look at the Vollmer Privatrösterei homepage and be inspired by the great site 🙂

Vollmer private roastery

Kaffee Farm Cafe Houstrup

How to find us

1. on the A7 towards Flensburg
2. After the border take exit 72 (Stubbæk), turn left onto the 42,
3. Continue on the 42 to the traffic circle,
4. take the 175/179 to Ribe,
5. on the 24/11 to Varde,
6. on the 181 to Nebel,
7. after Nebel, turn left towards Houstrup,
8. turn right at the first major junction
9. from there it is signposted and you are almost there

We look forward to your visit!

Und so finden Sie das Farm Cafe in Houstrup Dänemark.
Farm Cafe und Farm Camping in Houstrup

Contact information

Farm Cafe
Houstrupvej 66
6830 Nørre Nebel


Telephone: (0045) 7528 7560

CVR-nr. 25931122


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